Saturday, April 30th, 2011 Join us for and afternoon of short films and documentaries at Guelph's favourite Independent Movie theatre. Location - The Bookshelf Cafe 41 Quebec St. Guelph, ON

1pm - 5pm

Set One The Catch - directed by Lenette Olivier Stolen - directed by Michael Martins El Cortejo - directed by Marina Seresesky Prayers for Peace - directed by Dustin Grella Set Two The Storymaker - Directed by Jose Gomez Gallego Malady - directed by Ryan Hennigar Thunderbolt and the Mermaid -directed by Diego Sanchidrian Rubio Glimpse - directed by Kryshan Randel Set Three Sunlight - directed by Sohei Oguro Shoes - directed by Mike Howey Gentle Men - directed by Jesse Gibbons Below New York - directed by Matt Finlin