Comedy Kick-Off

Before we begin, loosen up with a wonderful performance from one of Southern Ontario’s superb sketch and improv comedy troupe – THE PLAYERS WITHOUT STRINGS -.  Watch as the hilarity ensues.  // 15 min.

Location – The Synnema: Indie Club and Theatre,  121 Wyndham Street N. Unit 106, Guelph ON, N1H4E9

Set One: 8:00pm

Run Granny Run! // Dir. Nikolaus von Uthmann // Germany // 5 min.

The famous Ben Hur chariot race – but this time it’s two elderly ladies at their zimmerframes!
A darkly funny comedy that proves you’re never too old to be an action hero.

The Fourth Wall // Dir. Michael Gunn // U.S.A. // 6 min.

Two people trapped in a room must find their way out.

Juiced // Dir. Tom Brown // Canada // 5 min

Trials and tribulations of an orange trying to cope with the loss of it’s family at the hands of an Apple.

Speed Dating // Dir. Jay Justin // Canada // 24 min

After Jack’s fiancée abruptly dumps hgim, best friend Nick decides to help him mend his broken heart with a night out. Nick’s plan: take Jack speed dating in the hope that talking to one beautiful woman after another will “bring back the old Jackass”. Little do they know that the night will hold more than they bargained for.

Welcome back the Players without Strings for another round of sketch and improv. // 15 min.

Set Two: 9:30pm

Long Walk Home // Dir. Rob Langille // Canada // 5 min

After visiting a friend…a simple winter walk home goes from short to long.

The Tragedy of Henry J. Bellini // Dir. Martin Edralin // Canada // 11 min

After Henry is deserted by his wife, a TV talk show host persuades him to move on and look for love again. In an absurd twist of fate, he ends up finding more than he was searching for.

Boobytrap // Dir. Elizabeth Dent & Mary Lalonde // Canada // 12 min

What happens when you ask two feminists, How low can you go?” The Boobytrap was created in response to Ed Video’s members’ project on that theme. Charlie Chaplin meets Gloria Steinem in this silent, romantic comedy. Lots of cleavage gets exposed when George loses control and becomes a caricature of every woman’s experience.

Sneaky Business // Dir. George Sanders, Shawn Curran // U.S.A. // 24 min

An Offshore Account of Human Trafficking—Broadway Style. On board the S.S. Hookacanuck, a green sock-puppet snake named ‘Sneaky’ smuggles singing New York City stowaways into Canada for basic Human Rights.